Reminiscences of the Blogosphere


It’s that time of the year again, time to hand in all the work we’ve been doing, and to wait with baited breath for some kind of passing grade (higher on the spectrum is always appreciated) to show that all the work we’ve put in has been worth it. However this is not a post to discuss my ambitions of passing BCM 111.

This is a post to reminisce on what has been learned in this study of cultural and media flows, and to show my vocabulary has increased to include such odd words as Glocalisation and Ideoscapes. I can now for example explain that a media capital has nothing to do with a Geographical capital city, but much more to do with the way media flows around the world and what the best cities are to create the flows and balances of information, where local and international media content meet.

I can tell you now about how journalistic ethics is effecting the way that we see and hear the debate on climate change, that showing two unequal sides, in an equal debate is creating a false balance which has a huge impact on popular opinion of how damaging this event could be.

Oh the things I could tell you.

Perhaps I could mention in passing, hybridisation of content and we could have a debate on whether or not using cross cultural content in ideas is stealing? What if the cultural influences you borrowed were never formally asked?

We could talk about cultural bias in the news. That the more close to a country you are and the more culturally you have in common the more you are going to hear about that country.

So what have i learnt in International Communication and Media studies? I have learnt nothing if not this, that much in the world around you comes from far further afield than you might think and much is a lot more local.

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