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Rupert Murdoch's Last Edition of News of The World

Rupert Murdoch’s Last Edition of News of The World

This is it my dear friends. I’m done. Finished. Gone.

…. At least for the minute

So what have I achieved with this small blog of mine? At the very least a passing grade would be nice. Perhaps even a higher grade? But this is not about soliciting grades from tutors (entirely) It is about what this blog and BCM 110 so far have shown me, and they have shown me some very interesting things.

Each week I have dutifully gone out to answer another topical question through my blog. The Master Lecturer has given the marching orders and we have marched. Many weeks this has required scouring Youtube for that one entertaining clip that seems to fit in well with the general gist of what one is trying to say. All those hours looking at clips of puppy stampedes can never be returned. (look it up for hours of fun) and all for the sake of this blog.

We have looked at Media ‘effects model’ and what the violence on T.V is really doing to your kids (apparently not a whole lot.) Semiotics and the language of signs. An area of real interest to me, as that would be a field I would love to be a part of. I would love to make an image that future uni students find themselves trying desperatly  to understand. My mother always wanted me to have an honest career, and really what’s more honest than advertising? Of course I’ve mused on Murdoch, an unavoidable situation I assure you. How could we talk of anything in the Media without referring to the public sphere in which it resides? The gossip, the to and fro of argument and the centre of debate.

What I have found most interesting about this foray into blogging has in fact not been writing the blog, but reading other peoples. It has been amazing seeing people who have attended the same lectures and been given the same topics to post on, coming up with completely different responses and ideas about what was meant. Take the public sphere, I have read posts on Facebook to Q&A to mine on My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. It has been an interesting look at the way people feel they can approach the public sphere individually.

With that it’s time to go. So in the great words of Murdoch’s failed News of the World

“Thank you and Goodbye.”

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