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For Your Consideration

This is it my dear friends. I’m done. Finished. Gone. …. At least for the minute So what have I achieved with this small blog of mine? At the very least a passing grade would be nice. Perhaps even a … Continue reading

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Any Publicity is Good Publicity

Reality T.V., is often seen as the lowest common denomination of television, which uses it’s participants like freaks in a circus show.Unfortunately it is TOTALLY addictive. I say this as someone who simply cannot get enough of bad reality television. … Continue reading

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Power Play and Politics in the Media

“11 of the 12 major Newspapers are owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation or John Fairfax Holding.” How often do you sit down in the morning with a paper and a cup of coffee. Do you chill out of an … Continue reading

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United Colours of Controversy

The above image shows an advertising campaign by United Colours of Benetton referred to as the Un-Hate campaign which appeared in 2011. The campaign shows a number of digitally edited photos of ¬†highly influential men and women kissing, in this … Continue reading

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