A Small but Necessary First Word


Welcome My Dear Micey Friends.

My name is Megan or Meg if two syllables is just one too many. If you are reading this you have stumbled upon a beginners blog ( a very charming, wonderful and very readable beginners blog). A media student no less. I am currently studying Media and communications and a bachelor of Arts at the University of Wollongong. I originally hail from the nations capital of Canberra. A city built specifically for the purpose of bureaucracy, leafy green tree lined streets and a parliament house.

So why move away from this inland garden, I hear you ask? Well my dear friends the answer is simple. A home by the sea, moving forth in the world, starting afresh and other inspiring little comments. Actually sirs and madams the real reason is, like many a student who has spent time traversing the globe, living independently and exploring the world, moving back home did not seem like a very viable solution; especially when one is also a twin and that twin did not spend time traversing the globe, but knuckled down and hit the uni books in order to make his sister look wayward and fancy free. To make moving out, or flying the nest an affordable consideration, leaving behind the tree lined streets and politicians that call Canberra home, appeared to me to be a very good option. I’m sure many a dear reader can relate to just such circumstances (competitive twin brothers, I hear are a surprisingly common occurrence).

So that, my mousey little friends is how we find ourselves here. In Wollongong, blogging away, hoping to succeed at this Media gig. Hoping that someday, somebody will read this blog, look past it’s naive newness, think to themselves, “now that is an interesting little mouse” give me a call and offer me a job. (If this sounds like you, than I am definitely right for the job) So Sir or Madam, if your reading this little forward as a tutor or lecturer, perhaps you could help my little crusade by handing me a HD on a platter, if you are a fellow struggling student, follow away and I’ll join your merry little gang. If you fall into none of the above categories, well done.

Mousey Miss Meg

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One Response to A Small but Necessary First Word

  1. Alastair Atkinson says:

    This is the best blog ever I love Tom and Jerry.

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